What is it that makes one performance, whether an elite athlete or a performing artist, stand out from their peers? In this introduction to “performing at your best” I will introduce you to methods which assist in moving through challenges, as challenges can often stop one from reaching life and career fulfilment.

I want you to imagine as you read this article what it is that you need to change in your personal and professional life that would make your career and life stand out. In other words, to have that WOW factor.  Because you have the power within you to change the way that you “perform’ in your life.

“As an athlete the only thing that you can truly control is your own performance. You can’t control what anyone else is doing – whether someone decides to cheat, whether someone’s got more talent than you, or better technique. You can’t change that person: you can only work on yourself” – Nicole Stevenson, Olympic swimmer.

Before you start with the questions below I want you to go back to a performance that you attended where the presenter, artist or athlete stood out. They produced results of such brilliance that you came away inspired and enriched.

You have the ability to do the same in whatever you do by getting in touch with your heart and passion. We all have it within us – sometimes it just needs to be ignited again.

These questions will help you to discover what may be blocking you from moving forward with BRILLIANCE in your career and personal life.

1. Do you truly enjoy your work and all that your career offers? Go back to the time when you began your career and the excitement and expectations you had.  How different do you feel at this stage of your life?

2. Do you need to learn new skills? How could you do this? Maybe gain access to a supportive mentor or coach who can guide you down this path. Or why not form groups and get together with like- minded colleagues for mutual support.

3. What are the parts of your career and life that you love? Get back in touch with the areas of your life and work that you love and find ways to embrace and utilise these passions more into your daily routine.

4. Do you have goals and aspirations for your career or business? Remember that an athlete or performing artist will spend weeks, months and years envisioning their goals and performance highlights and then working towards them.  So how are you going to include this plan in your life?

5. Do you Embody your Desires? Start to take this development of your career into your body – this is called embodying your desires.  Once you are able to envision your desires clearly and feel yourself expanding and transforming areas of your life and career further, you begin to truly live this experience every day until it becomes a reality.

6. What in the past has stopped you from reaching brilliance in your life and career? Is it an out-dated mindset that comes into consciousness every time you want to move ahead? Remember, once you become consciously aware of a negative mindset, this part of you does not have such a great hold. So each time a negative thought comes to you, be aware and reframe it into a positive thought.

7. Do you have a fear of failure? Many high achieving individuals have a fear of failure – and yes, at times it can be tough. But any successful businessperson will tell you that their most important learning was from mistakes, because they then know to never go there again.

8. Do you have self worth / self-belief? Once you are able to recognise your enormous potential and that you are an important person to be valued in all that you do, you will move ahead in confidence towards life and career fulfilment.

9. Do you have balance in your life? For performance brilliance, how balanced is your life? Do you eat healthy food, exercise and enjoy your personal life?

10. Do you visualize your greatness regularly? See yourself performing brilliantly in all areas of your life.  Embrace these parts of yourself.  Enjoy your life.

These questions form the basis of “passionate performance”, which you can use to develop your career and life further.

Get in touch with each aspect of your career/performance. Once your inner music starts playing, reach out, have fun and enjoy life – you deserve to have this life.

Perform as you have never performed before! Find the music within, sing and bring purpose and passion back into your life.

To achieve change, start by connecting with the areas of your life you love, eg cooking, gardening, reading, travel, art, music etc, and then take this awareness into both your personal and professional life.