After working with over 2500 growing businesses globally, we’ve distilled insights that will focus your business on these four key methodologies to be able to stand out, scale up and have fun in your business.

1. Proving you have value to offer.

2. Establishing influence within your industry.

3. Becoming oversubscribed for your service/product.

4. Building assets within the business.


Most companies are focused on the wrong things. Entrepreneurs are not typically short of energy, motivation, vision or optimism. Where they fail is in channeling that energy into stuff that really doesn’t matter.

Consider the conundrum that you are living amongst people who are just as smart and talented as you are, who are able to build massive companies, productive teams and soaring valuations in a matter of years.

At the same time, millions of businesses are flat. Despite smashing themselves into every obstacle, the performance in the business isn’t unfolding as it should. The biggest distraction is sales and marketing. Most entrepreneurs are focusing way too much energy on selling and marketing their business at the detriment of everything else.

Let’s be honest – if sales and marketing were the key to success, Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t be a billionaire. If your business had the exclusive rights to sell Airbus A380s, how hard would it be to hit £150M in sales? It would actually be really hard to stay small.

Now, you probably already know our methodologies for providing value, gaining influence and becoming oversubscribed. But, lets now talk about building assets within your business.

The truth is, high income, scaling, performance, high valuations and fun all come from having the right business assets.

We believe that “income follows assets”. If you want rent – you need a house. If you want dividends – you need some shares. If you want book royalties – you need a book.

If you want business income, you need more business assets in your business – it’s as simple as that. 

From a purely financial perspective, a business is an ecosystem of assets within a team sweating them for income.
In particular we’ve identified 24 assets that really perform in this digital economy today.

These assets are powering businesses in the digital economy. Creating these business assets will be the new “home ownership” as the world moves into a new way of doing business.

They will also give you increased abilities to scale up, improve your valuation and have more fun as a team, letting you focus your energy on what matters most and allowing you to solve meaningful problems.