When was the last time you got a rush of people who all want to buy from you, and you had to turn away potential clients?

When was the last time you had to raise your prices just so people couldn’t afford you?

Getting people to purchase your product/service is getting tougher and tougher with the public being flooded with advertisements and businesses competing with each other to offer best deals.

However, if you take yourself out of ‘the market’ and create your own market, you’ll find that suddenly, you can’t keep with the demand.

There are FOUR ways to achieve this:

Signal your intentions.

Start thinking about a big move you could be doing in 2018 and begin warming people up to your new ideas. This could be a new product, a new city launch or even a new potential market that you will enter or create. Don’t be afraid to tell people, just be honest that it’s part of your plan.

Use the “7,11,4” strategy.

A key question every business should ask is “Is my business set up so that someone can gorge on our content if they want to?”. Imagine a potential buyer who wants to spend an entire day researching your business and products. Can they access a full day of content? If not, you need to get busy creating articles, podcasts, videos and blogs for them to absorb.

Establish a Key Person of Influence.

Your website should feature you as the key person of influence, your leaders should be on social media, and there should be videos and blogs from the directors at your company talking about your vision, mission and culture. People are hardwired to fall in love with faces and voices more than logos, fonts and colours.

Launch the product/service with an event.

Even if you run a small event for around 20-30 people to launch a new product, service or strategy, you can capture video, cause some excitement and put a sense of urgency into your team. A launch event gives you something extra to talk about with your market, and encourages you and your team to play a bigger game.

Sound interesting?

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, we have our Campaign Driven Enterprise workshop where you can learn how to apply these four principles in your business. Click here for more details