One of the best things about being in business is all the functions you get to go to. Dressed to impress, business cards at the ready, the last thing you want is a case of upset tummy or the dreaded “food baby” while your schmoozing with the best of them. But never fear, I’ve got you covered.

Surviving business functions the Cosmopolitan Hippy way:

The Cocktail Party

  • It pains me to say it, but avoid the champers. All those bubbles increase the rate of alcohol delivery into your system, making you get drunk faster.
  • Stick with clear liquids like vodka or gin as they have less chemicals for your liver to deal with. Pair them with water, lime, lemon or low sugar juice like berry juice.
  • Avoid the stodgy party pies, pastries and breads, they will bloat you. Instead go for lighter options like rice paper rolls, veggie sticks and meat on stick kind of snacks.

The Office Lunch

  • White bread is no one’s friend. Steer clear of the sandwich platter and instead go for salad. At a pinch, you can take one slice of bread off the top and have an “open sandwich”, reducing the amount of stodge.
    For something sweet, try fruit and herbal tea instead of cakes or danishes. They never taste as good as they look anyways.

The Informal Dinner

  • Nothing is as as Aussie as a BBQ’s. While you are tucking in, avoid the sausages (the lollies of the meat world) and instead go for the more natural whole meats like steaks, prawns, fish and chicken.
  • Pair your meats with salads and green veggies. Keep the roast spuds and potato salad to a minimum, just a taste should curb your craving.
  • Stick with one type of alcohol. Mixing red wine, white wine, spirits and god knows what else is just inviting trouble.

The Dinner Out

  • Avoid heavy dishes like pasta, risotto and pizza or you’ll be nodding off while talking facts and figures.
  • Three courses can be a bit much if your are trying to stay focused. If you want to keep up with your companions, order two entrees instead of an entree and a main. Team them up with a side of salad or greens to round out your meal.
  • Look for words like “grilled”, “sauteed” and “poached” as these dishes will be lighter. Avoid “fried”, “battered”, “crumbed” and “caramelized”

The Seminar Buffet

  • Most times you can pre-order your dietary requests at seminars. Don’t be afraid to use words like “paleo” as most caterers will know what you mean.
  • If however they are less enlightened beings, you can always choose fruit over sandwiches and cake or simply pick out the fillings and nibble on them, leaving the bread behind. But if you can’t even stomach that, practice some intermittent fasting and resolve to eat at that lovely cafe down the road once the seminar is over.
  • Make sure you drink LOTS of water as all that air con is terribly dehydrating.
  • Pack snacks. Things like nuts, trail mix, raw food bars, cut up veggies and dehydrated fruits are all great to keep your hunger pangs at bay and will stop you from mauling the cake cart at afternoon tea.