Most people have a hidden asset in their business sitting right under their nose. Their story has value when told the right way, their case studies, their methods, their insights and their brand could all be leveraged a lot more than it is currently. After a short conversation, we immediately start to see the untapped value.

Most entrepreneurs spend so much time looking out at the market, looking at other people’s businesses, new technology, politics, economics and news. This outward focus causes them to completely lose sight of the opportunities that are close to home.

We use the analogy that when you climb a mountain you can see everything except the mountain you’re standing on. From the entrepreneurs I’ve met, the most common trait amongst them is the lost perspective on how valuable their business could be (the mountain of value they’re standing on).

Take some time today to refocus your perspective, reevaluate the value of your business and look down on that mountain of value you’re already standing on.