Having met over 3000+ entrepreneurs in the last five years, I’ve discovered three recurring traits and I want to share them as they may also apply to you.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that’s way more predictable than you think.

The entrepreneur journey is more predictable than you might think. There are 6 individual stages, each with their own set of struggles and challenges.

 A lot of the entrepreneur journey is about struggle, burnout, boredom and loneliness. There are two times where things get really rewarding and that’s a “Lifestyle Business” or a “Performance Business”. The way a business is designed now determines how it will perform a lot more than factors like ambition, drive and goals (which many people put too much focus on).

With the right design, a business can achieve either a Lifestyle or Performance status very rapidly and sustain it for a long time. With the wrong design, no amount of hard work and focus can get even close to achieving one of those statuses.

Most people tend to get caught in the “struggle zones” because they’re simply unclear of what to focus on to get to the next phase. The more context you have about where you are on this journey, the easier it becomes to get to where you actually want to be. Gain more insight into where you are on the Entrepreneur’s Journey, here.