My guest in this episode is Simon Williams, better known as “The App Man”. Simon is one of the leading legends in the App world. He started his company, AppManSecrets, from the ground up and has overseen its rise to now generating a six-figure revenue. AppManSecrets is one of the most prolific App development and consultancy companies in the world, and has worked with clients across 30 different industries and four continents.

Simon may be a master of Apps, but amazingly he’s not a techie. Instead, he’s a genius when it comes to observing trends, creating ideas and leveraging all of that to achieve unbelievable success. He’s passionate about helping businesses to utilise Apps to master their industries, and goes about sharing his incredible knowledge and insights in his role as an International Speaker, and in his bestselling book, Rich App Poor App.


It was awesome to talk with Simon because not only is his company wildly successful, (raking in a six-figure income) he’s also a total rockstar when it comes to analysing the marketplace and leveraging content – two things that are incredibly important no matter what your business is.

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Here are just some of the practical and tactical topics we talk about:
  • How to go about predicting trends in the market
  • Pushing your thinking in terms of products and services that you can deliver
  • The client sell and client nurture process
  • How to nail major partnerships
  • Converting prospective clients into full-time customers
  • The art of analysing the industry
  • Combining industries in order to fully maximise on profits
  • The Ideal Final Solution – how to achieve the impossible
  • Making sure you’re aiming your product or service at the exact right market
  • The context of your client, and why it’s key when growing your brand
  • How to maximise feedback from clients
  • Understanding insights in order to build solutions
  • Developing intellectual property and then commercialising it
  • Top tips on creating the perfect idea for your business
  • How to plan for the future
  • Why content creation is so important for your business
  • How to effectively innovate in your industry