In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Justine Coombe. Justine is an uber-geek when it comes to digital marketing – she’s an expert at devising and implementing strategic campaigns for all types of businesses. In 2011, Justine founded her very own specialised marketing agency, Ignite Digital, which has gone on to become the #1 Leading Australian partner of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Her amazing energy and determination has seen her work with over 200 brands (including Citibank, Staples and Pernod Ricard), and earn in excess of $160 million dollars of revenue for her clients in less than 5 years.

When Justine’s not killing it in the industry, she’s passing on her years of experience in marketing and sharing top tips at various conferences in Australia and internationally. She’s also recently finished writing her debut book, Conversion: How to Convert Prospects into Customers Using Targeted, Personalised Marketing Automation. In it, Justine provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a step by step framework for automated marketing programs.


Justine's book _Conversion_


As you’ve probably figured out, Justine really knows her stuff and this episode is packed with tons of actionable techniques that have been tried and tested with large and small businesses. She’s so great we’re also hosting a series of keynote talks for the wider business community on how to apply these techniques and get oversubscribed – details are here.

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Here are a few things we talk about:

  • How Justine helps organisations to generate hundreds of thousands of new leads every month
  • How automated marketing programs can be leveraged to produce incredible results
  • The importance of packaging a product well
  • Why you and your business need to provide a good service and delivery
  • Breaking apart the complex word marketing into five simple areas
  • Justine’s love for what she does and why that means she continually rejects multimillion dollar acquisition offers
  • The importance of keeping clients in the loop when it comes to areas of her business that are specific and relevant to them
  • Converting from charging by the hour to fixed rates
  • Justine’s onboarding program: how’s she greets new members of her team and why it’s important to develop a connection with employees
  • The consistent problems faced by small businesses and how to overcome them
  • Justine’s unique approach to marketing technology and the importance of focusing on the aspects that interest you
  • Creating a genuine and personalised contact with clients by email, SMS and through other channels
  • Justine’s awesome take on mapping customer journeys
  • How to analyse customer behaviour in order to predict a market’s next purchase
  • Creating the perfect strategy for customer retention
  • Implementing strategies: what to do and not to do
  • How Justine came up with a strategy to reactivate 30% of dropping clients
  • Advice Justine would give to her younger self if she could go back in time
  • Justine’s grand plans for the future: more books, online masterclasses and live workshops