My guest in this week’s episode is leading podcast expert and audio guru, Ronsley Vaz. His podcast, Bond Appetit, is Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and receives between eight and twelve thousand listeners a day. Ronsley has recently founded his own content marketing agency, Amplify, which has gone from zero to $600k in just six months, and is about to release his debut book, Amplify.


Ronsley’s journey has seen him specialise in a variety of different industries. Before killing it as an entrepreneur, he worked as a DJ, software engineer, restaurateur and chef. His newest venture is all about converting audio into a content-marketing echo chamber. He and his team help clients create content and turn it into genuine assets that allow their businesses to grow.


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This concept is a vital tool for businesses these days. This episode is going to be really useful for anyone interested in how they can use content to expand their business and achieve real ROI as a result.

In this episode we really into:

  • Ronsley’s journey as a restaurateur
  • How he got into podcasting in the first place
  • The best way to deal with potential clients
  • The process of turning conversation into content
  • How content can produce leads in business
  • Ronsley’s seven step framework
  • Expert tips on how to launch a podcast
  • The importance of consistency in podcasting
  • How to build a following for your podcast
  • Ronsley’s continued passion for food
  • Attention, engagement and sales
  • Measuring your success by your clients’ success
  • The value of content for your clients
  • Advice on how to monetise a podcast
  • The We Are Podcast conference – the success of 2015 and the amazing speakers attending the 2016 event