In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Jean-Pierre de Villiers. Jean-Pierre is an absolute force of nature. He’s built his peak performance coaching business from the ground up to the point where it’s now a thriving six-figure company that deals with top celebrities and CEOs from all around the world. He’s also a wildly successful international speaker, is about to publish another book and has been voted one of the 50 most inspiring people in London.

Jean-Pierre’s business philosophy is about far more than fitness. By focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological needs of his clients, his model is extremely effective at bringing people up so that they can consistently perform at their best.

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This conversation is vital for anyone looking for new, innovative ways of challenging themselves both in business and in their personal lives. Jean-Pierre shares some top advice on how to transform yourself into a high-performing, enriched individual on all fronts.

Here are some areas we really get into:

  • Jean-Pierre’s journey from time-for-money coaching to only focusing on high-end training
  • How he became inspired by Anthony Robbins
  • Health, attitude and getting yourself into the right mindset
  • The dark days – dealing with suicidal tendencies
  • Jean-Pierre’s awareness that he needed to shift his paradigm
  • The moment he realised he wanted to start making a difference in the world
  • The three pieces of advice that got Jean-Pierre started on his journey
  • The power of modelling what you want
  • How he learned to pitch and differentiate himself from others in business
  • The importance of the question, “Who’s my ideal client?”
  • How Jean-Pierre began tripling his income by selling packages instead of time
  • Jean-Pierre’s journey as an author – how his first book changed everything
  • Top tips for transformation into high-performance
  • Building an audience with the five Ps
  • The problem of comparison
  • The hundreds of thousands Jean-Pierre has raised for charity