Have you ever wondered how you can build a business that not only has a solid cash flow and real profitability, but also delights its clients, suppliers and staff? My guest in this episode is Jason Cunningham and he’s someone who’s achieved all of those things and more. His journey in accounting has seen him create and grow a $10 million-plus business by constantly innovating his process, reverse-engineering and deconstructing his sales process.


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Along the way, he’s also built a killer personal brand. He’s now a regular on Channel Ten’s The Living Room, SEN’s The Run Home and he often appears on Sky News. On top of that he’s the author of two bestselling books, Where’s My Money? and Have Your Cake and Sell It Too – both of which share heaps of his experience and industry secrets.


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Here are just a few of the things we get into in this episode:

  • How Jason earned his first dollar
  • Your business mission statement, and how the best way to act on it is to vet your clients
  • Why it takes a successful business to know and grow one
  • Investing decision criteria – how Jason turned $2k into $1.5 million
  • Jason’s five distinct stages in everyone’s personal wealth creation journey, starting off at the foundation
  • Philosophies on why people buy from Jason and not his competitors
  • The importance of stepping away from time-based billing to results driven packages  
  • Tailoring a financial strategy for every stage of an individual’s journey
  • The three ways to do business in the professional services field
  • Ways to build a great business that’s primed for your exit – what this means and why it’s important
  • Why you need to talk to customers in a way that they can understand and that appeals to them
  • Jason’s journey of personal profile growth
  • How a strong personal brand doesn’t just attract clients and partnerships, it also attracts top talent to your business too
  • Why you don’t have to be an extrovert to build your personal brand
  • Setting up your business so that it runs perfectly well without you
  • Why a personal brand is the largest force multiplier in terms of growth, and steps to achieving it