Have you ever wondered how you can find out exactly what value your clients are looking for and effectively communicate your unique message to them? My guest in this episode is Jason Malouin, and he’s someone who’s done just that. Jason is a super in-demand photographer and has worked for publication giants including Forbes, Financial Review, GQ, National Geographic and Men’s Fitness.   

Besides his illustrious resume, he’s also a leading authority when it comes to building an identity and reaching out to clients. His unique journey has seen him come up with some great insights on getting to the core of what his clients are after, as well as effectively communicating through content creation and speaking at events.

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In this episode we get into all of that and some of this too…

  • Using environment to build a sense of rapport with clients
  • Jason on how he pitched himself into a career
  • The process of deciding which areas to niche into
  • The ‘future self’ as one of Jason’s points of difference
  • Jason never choosing the pragmatic approach
  • Why clients don’t care about the photo… it’s about something far more profound
  • The roots of what clients really want and how to get there
  • Jason on building the bridge between market and brand
  • The problem of the personal brand and why it depends on the audience’s perception of you
  • Finding his way around the low glass ceiling in Jason’s industry
  • Becoming a better communicator in order to become a better photographer
  • Jason’s future challenges and projects including a podcast