Cyndi O’Meara, Founder of Changing Habits, an organisation dedicated to educating and providing the resources needed to live a life full of vitality through consuming real foods is a nutrition guru, author and international speaker with a background in anthropology and chiropractic. Cyndi has developed the way she shares her message from one-to-one consulting to one to many educating and built a $5m business as a result.


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But like with anyone that’s making a huge impact, it wasn’t the overnight success it appeared, and only through ferocious learning and research, the courage to speak up about controversial health issues and food realities and a whole lot of hustle did Cyndi get to where she is today.

Now creating a documentary and developing a nutrition education programme, this epic businesswoman shares the secrets behind her savvy product eco-system, the importance of listening and responding to the market and her awesome life-changing philosophies on health, well being and real food.


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In this week’s episode we deep dive into:

  • Transitioning from one-to-one consultations to a one-to-many educator, resource provider and $5m business owner, and the mindset shifts that encouraged that movement
  • Cyndi’s step-by-step guidance on writing and self-publishing a book
  • The true hustle of Motherhood and Business Ownership simultaneously and how to keep pushing forward
  • How Cyndi pre-sold 17,000 copies of her book
  • Pitching ideas to companies without the internet and using TV opportunities to get your message out
  • The shocking truths about the effects of the foods we’re traditionally encouraged to put into our bodies
  • The 200+ auto-immune diseases we’ve developed as a civilisation through the chemicals in traditional foods and medicines
  • The healing power of real foods its connection with a life full of vitality, vibrance and far less allergies and intolerances
  • How to stop being seduced by supermarkets and fast-food chains who provide food that isn’t real food (but make it look like real food)
  • Cyndi’s philosophies and guidance around the connection between real food, wellbeing and high performance, energy and vitality
  • The importance of creating and building a business from something you love and have passion for
  • Cyndi’s step by step approach to the building, development and growth of her business over 30 years in the health industry
  • Uncovering the huge mistake that novice businesses make
  • The how behind building an online profile and dominating google
  • How controversy and the courage to face it were the stepping stones for Cyndi breaking out of tradition and going it alone in her own business
  • Hiring and training a fantastic team who are running the show
  • How to stop making technology excuses to grow your business
  • How to maximise your volume equation through delegation
  • The power of influence, personal development and being the best you can be in order to make an impact
  • Cyndi’s how to’s on embedding new habits
  • The importance on testing and measuring what’s working for you – and changing the habits that are not serving your body or mind