If you’re looking for ways to accelerate your ability to network, improve your game as a public speaker and improve your pitch then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Topher Morrison. Topher is the Managing Director of KPI in the USA and he’s also an expert in mass communication, regularly speaking at Amex, Microsoft and Google.







His networking skills have seen him go from virtually knowing no-one to being very much in the entrepreneurial inner-circle of Tampa Bay in just two-and-a-half years through intelligent pitching and making the most of connections. He trains top business owners in the art of pitching and increasing credibility, and is the author of three bestselling books. Topher shares with me his story to the top as well as loads of actionable advice for entrepreneurs looking for effective, innovative ways to increase the value of their brand and business.

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In this episode we get really into:

    • Topher on how he used his pitch to attract one of the top entrepreneurs in the US
    • Jumping ‘from lilypad to lilypad’ – using one pitch to open up a multitude of doors
    • Topher being on a sales conversion of over 60%
    • Tricks on how he took his speaker fee from $3k to over $10k

As well as…

    • How Topher earned his first dollar
    • Topher becoming a professional speaker at just 19 years old before transitioning into the self-help world at 23
    • The problem with quick-fix solutions versus smart, hard graft
    • The power of oration as the key to the highest level of success
    • Topher on how lack of skills in keynote speaking can actually cost a business money
    • Steps you can take to making yourself a better public speaker
    • The five different types of pitches that Topher uses and the purpose of each of them
    • Pitching a unique, different idea and approach to American entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, and how that ended up becoming a successful partnership
    • How you, as a small business owner, can add value to multi-billion dollar companies
    • Why Topher offers services to businesses without any expectations of money and the results that the approach brings
    • The biggest inhibitors when it comes to pitching
    • Topher on how he helped the founder of a company raise $2.5 million in three sessions after training him on how to pitch
    • Spearfishing versus net-fishing – targeting specific clients and leads
    • Topher’s charity work with Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge