If you’ve ever wondered how to go about hiring great talent and building a high performance team then you’re definitely going to get some real value out of this episode. Natasha Hawker is the Founder and Director of Employee Matters, and is an expert when it comes to team building and management. Not only is she the Employee Expert blogger for Australian Business Women’s Network and Flying Solo, she’s also the author of From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between – an in-depth book that offers practical advice and wisdom on how to manage employees and grow your business quickly.


When it comes to team management, Natasha’s reputation is world-wide, having trained employees from the Philippines to the USA and from London to India. In this conversation, she shares the low points as well as the highs, telling her story of building a brand and a business that’s set to hit the million dollar mark this year.


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In this episode we talk about:

  • Natasha’s 23 years of experience
  • How she’s hired or fired over 15,000 employees
  • Shifts in thinking around pricing – switching from a time model to fixed-fee
  • What Natasha did to allow her conversions to fly right up
  • Building products to specifically drive profit
  • Natasha’s frustrations with revenue, cash flow and profit
  • Building talent pools, using LinkedIn and Facebook to create great teams
  • The three steps to not getting sued for unfair dismissal
  • The big picture strategy around Natasha’s business
  • The tactical and practical side of building high performance teams
  • The art of tracking performance as a business owner or team leader
  • Natasha’s work as an author and public speaker, and how that’s led to significant improvements in her deal flow
  • The partnerships that Natasha’s brand and profile have been able to create


Employee Matters




From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between: Managing the Employee Life Cycle

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