My guest in this week’s episode bought his first business at the age of 18 and has since gone on to become known as Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author. Andrew Griffiths’ books have sold in over 60 countries around the world, and one has sold over two million copies. Andrew continues to write prolifically, and contributes articles for a host of illustrious companies including Telstra,, HP and CBS. He is also the Publish Mentor for Key Person of Influence in Australia, and has been for the last five years.









Andrew is a renowned public speaker, having delivered keynote speeches at hundreds of events globally, and been hosted by huge platforms including TedX, Sky Business and Good Morning NZ. His work as a thought leader and serial entrepreneur has led to him running a seven-figure business, and in this conversation Andrew explains how you can effectively communicate and engage with your audience by tapping into your authentic message and true voice.


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In this episode we really get into:

  • Andrew’s love of animals and the time he was held hostage by a monkey
  • How everything changed when Andrew wrote his first book, 101 Ways to Market Your Business
  • Nearly going bust and having to put his business through voluntary administration
  • How Andrew has overseen the publication of over 300 books with the KPI programme
  • Managing the complexity of such a vast business by using routines and rituals
  • The benefits of old-school marketing versus new social media techniques
  • The communication techniques that Andrew used to increase his sales by 800% in one week
  • How Andrew leveraged the thought leadership model and measures success across his business ventures
  • Managing time and setting aside a part of the day to deal with the unexpected
  • The practical and rational arguments as to why you should be brave enough to listen to your intuition
  • Using authenticity to better communicate and engage with an audience


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