My guest in this week’s episode is someone who’s not only used technology to transform the pharmaceutical industry in Australia, he’s also gone from having zero content to authoring a book, producing a blog and hosting the #1 pharmacy and technology podcast – The Transpharmation Show.


Using innovative practice combined with his position as a thought leader, Robert has helped countless other entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical space to become more streamlined and efficient, while at the same time creating more meaningful patient relationships. You’ll definitely want to pay extra-close attention to this conversation if you’re operating in an outdated industry or in a business where you need to be automating more.


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In this episode, Robert and I get really into…

  • Reimagining the experience of customer relations for pharmacists
  • How Robert’s taken best practice from leading technology brands and applied it to his pharmacy business
  • Robert’s experience working for one of the world’s biggest pharmacy brands and how it helped him to realise how networks can be grown and evolved in a corporate structure
  • How Robert used technology to strip his team down to a third of its normal size
  • Tactical steps Robert took to writing his book
  • The story of The Transpharmation Show: it’s rise to reaching over 100 episodes and being listened to in 80 different countries around the world
  • Partnership strategies Robert used to get his book distributed to over 3,000 of Australia’s influencers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Robert’s pitch and how its incorporated his personal journey and insights, resulting in him creating a far greater impact on a large scale
  • The steps that Robert took that led to him becoming such a prolific creator of content, and the costs and resources required


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