Have you ever wondered how you can rapidly expand your network to promote your brand and reach out to key influential figures? If so, you have to check out this conversation with Richard Triggs. Richard is an executive search specialist and the bestselling author of Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role. He is also a successful podcaster and has leveraged his entire content ecosystem to build a business generating $1.2 million in revenue with four employees.

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Richard began harnessing the power of LinkedIn before it really took off in the recruitment industry, and built 14,000 connections networking him into every ASX company in Australia. He’s also used the platform to create groups with over 10,000 members, which he leverages to promote his brand and the brands of his partners. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in business struggling to tap into the right networks and promote their company successfully.


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In this episode, we get into all of that, plus loads more including…

  • How Richard was rejected time after time by a particular CEO and what he did about it that got her to engage straightaway
  • Vipassana meditation and the positive impact it’s had on Richard’s life
  • How Richard leverages his book to be able to protect his time while still being able to give back and provide service
  • How Richard has built an entire career out of helping people position themselves as influencers in a corporate career
  • The importance Richard places in community, and how things naturally flourish in his life and business from doing so
  • How Richard’s book empowers candidates to take responsibility for their own job searches and circumvent the need to work with recruiters
  • The process Richard went through to create 14,000 LinkedIn connections, and how it allowed him to build powerful networks within his industry
  • Richard’s use of Daoist philosophy, and how it helps him to reflect calmly on his business and interactions with clients
  • The key activities that are the best ways of generating revenue






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