For many entrepreneurs, their businesses are built upon intangible, intellectual property, which can be notoriously difficult to scale up. In this week’s episode, I chat with Marc Jantzen who knows how you can increase the value of such a business consistently, year on year.

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Marc Jantzen’s journey has seen him mastermind the growth of Blue Sky – a training development business that has accrued world-class clients including Eurostar, Marks & Spencer and BSkyB, and won over 30 awards in the process. Here, Marc shares his ups and downs, challenges and top tips across a range of issues that all business owners come up against at some point in their entrepreneurial careers.

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Here are some of the key things we get really into:

  • How Marc and his team won their first big client
  • One of Marc’s lowest points in business where a million pounds was wiped off his revenue number in a very short space of time
  • Shifting up a gear and expanding up from a lifestyle business
  • How Blue Sky reached £2.5 million turnover in its first three years
  • The secrets of business growth that Marc wishes he’d known from the start of his entrepreneurial journey
  • Marc on investing in a more structured sales and marketing strategy in order to maintain consistent revenue
  • Trusting your gut and knowing the right time to pay attention to your intuition
  • How Marc moved onwards and upwards after his COO left, taking with him ten members of staff and one of the business’ biggest clients
  • Marc’s five core values and how he ensured that they run through every vein of Blue Sky
  • Why Marc shifted from time-based to value-based pricing
  • The steps that Marc went through to exiting his business confidently and calmly