This week, my guest is a guy who can tell you how he differentiated himself from competitors to emerge as the authority in the web design industry. Jon Hollenberg is the owner of the Five by Five company that builds high-performance websites, which has grown to a seven figure business with 30% year on year growth. He is also the author of Love at First Site. In his nearly 20 year career, Jon has developed a business philosophy that is not just centered around his product, but thought leadership, which has driven powerful results in business.

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Love at First Site

In our conversation, Jon shares his tips on all aspects of running an efficient and profitable digital business, like how he accelerated production time with the result of his team completing projects 30-40% faster. He also explains how he increased his products’ prices three times, yet still managed to better his conversion rate from 1 in 5 people to 1 in 2 people.

But we also talked about more personal things like work and relationship balance. Jon is a leader and knows about building business that is meaningful but he shared what you can do to spend time with the things and people that really count.

In this episode, we get really into:

  • How Jon has become a thought leader in the globally monetizing industry of web design
  • Targeting the right types of clients for the business he wanted to create
  • How he used his book to take his conversion from 1/5 to 1/2
  • How Jon increased his prices 300%
  • The process he used that reduced the time it takes to complete a site by almost 50%
  • Building a strong culture and the tools and challenges in managing non local teams
  • Trends in technology and the future of the website
  • How he uses team incentives to build a better business


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