Knowing how to leverage products, events and content is key to massively increasing your revenue stream, and my guest in this week’s show is explaining how to do exactly that. Alex Rodriguez is the the multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of YMMY Marketing. He’s also the bestselling author of Digital Bacon: Make Your Online Presence Irresistibly Attractive and Profile Mentor for the Key Person of Influence programme in the USA. Throughout his 20 years of experience, Alex has generated millions of dollars in revenue from product launches and events, and has shared his knowledge as a regular speaker on the future of advertising.

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In our conversation, Alex Rodriguez shares his expertise around building digital ecosystems and measurable investment returns, explaining exactly which tech tools and strategies you need to become more efficient with your marketing. Listen to this episode to learn about mining your intellectual property for high-value content creation ideas, and how to turn those ideas into big profit.

We get really into all of this too:

  • How to reduce digital traffic while at the same time increasing results
  • Why e-books aren’t working (and what you can do instead)
  • How Alex increased his business conversions to over 83%
  • The digital force multipliers that every business owner needs, but that most are ignoring
  • How to safely and profitably outsource your lead gen
  • The 4 magic numbers that are essential in business
  • The hacks and tricks you need to know in order to ‘shake the ideas tree’ and multiply your content topics
  • The art of ‘selling before the sale’
  • Asking yourself the question ‘Am I doing enough’ in business and in life
  • The ROI of giving, and the ramifications it can have for everyone
  • Plus loads more…


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