Have you ever thought “there’s something missing in this market” and think you could be the entrepreneur that finds a profitable solution? My guest in today’s episode did just that and developed a world-class product and brand that earns $50 million in revenue. Nicole Eckels came over from the States to the north shore of Sydney in 2006 when she noticed a significant gap in the fragrance space, namely candles. She was passionate about fragrance, lifestyle and fashion, so she launched Glasshouse Fragrances, which has gone through 50% growth year on year to this day.

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In our conversation, Nicole explains how she expanded her product lines and why she believes creatives must be involved in the product development process. We also talk about the challenges of a fast-growing company and how you can navigate establishing your company’s culture as your team grows larger.

Additionally in this episode, we get really into…

  • Nicole’s approach to culture and how fast growth has had a significant effect on culture
  • The challenges of handling 50% year on year growth
  • How Nicole gets her ideas, innovations and inspirations around product development
  • The recognition that it wasn’t about the product
  • Her philosophy on winning
  • How her ‘W.A.C.I” team culture evolved
  • Where she draws her product inspiration from
  • And much more


Nicole’s Twitter
Glasshouse Fragrances