This episode of the Dent podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in designing and growing their business to create a first-class lifestyle. My guest is Chris Gray – CEO of Your Empire, a company that builds property portfolios for time poor professionals. Chris is undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading independent property experts, hosting Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel, the Property Expert on Channel 9′s MyHome TV and and Financial Judge on Channel 10’s The Renovators.

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Chris started out in the industry when he worked out how to buy his first $100,000 property at the age of 22 with an income of just $25,000. Now he owns $16 million in property. Chris has increased his wealth and achieved business success through developing and reiterating tactical methodologies, all the while living his dream lifestyle. Listen to his story to gain an in-depth understanding of his approach as well as the knowledge you need to achieve similar results.

In this episode, we get into all of this too…

  • How Chris has built his life around living the dream of luxury
  • Chris’s personal investing strategy
  • The buying agency, Your Empire, that he runs
  • The mindset of Chris putting his lifestyle first and how he makes that work in business
  • How he refined his niche
  • Why he moved away from just being a speaker and trainer, working with people who want to do it themselves versus building a complete do-it-for-you solution
  • Chris’s fear of speaking yet why he still hosts a weekly show on Sky News
  • Specifics around his philosophy on outsourcing
  • His focus on how he has evolved his pitch and publishing strategy
  • How Chris went about raising his profile online and in media
  • Philosophies on creating joint ventures, partnerships and alliances

Your Empire Website
The Effortless Empire Book