Tristan is the founder and CEO of The Physio Co – a physiotherapy business that has been named the #1 best place to work in Australia. Tristan began The Physio Co as a solo entrepreneur when he was 24-years-old to help keep seniors mobile, safe and happy. In just 13 years he’s built up his company to a 100+ person team in 140 locations with over 200,000 physio consultations a year.

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Culture is EverythingIn our conversation, Tristan explains the four secrets of building a great culture and how bringing culture to life in your business can be more rewarding for you, your team and your clients. We also talk about the importance of discovering and defining your organisation’s purpose and core values as the building blocks to creating a strong workplace culture.

Additionally in this episode, we get really into…

  • Tristan’s conflict of head and heart – creating a mental path for himself but not feeling fulfilled by his so-called dream
  • How Tristan worked through his fifth year of struggle and feeling ‘stuck’
  • The discovery of a value-based business, and how a culture-based business freed Tristan from feeling stuck
  • Two business books that have greatly influenced Tristan’s business philosophy
  • The specific agenda Tristan uses with his team for a 12-minute huddle
  • Why he holds his huddles precisely at 10:05 every morning
  • Tools, tips and tricks for discovering your core values
  • Building in a system for creating a great culture and meaningful place to work
  • The difference between creating an environment of purpose versus the perks


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