Andy Salmon CMG OBE was the former Commandant General Royal Marines – Head of Service.  He lead the joint forces (over 10,000 troops) in Iraq before retiring to become an advisor to some of the UKs most iconic companies (McLauren, Jaguar Landrover, etc).

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His military career has taken him to the front lines of conflict all over the world. He has had to become the calm at the center of the storm leading many thousands of people through delicate situations. In addition to leading the Royal Marines, he has run the Commando Training Center, he’s served NATO, the Ministry of Defense and he is a fellow at London School of Economics.    

This podcast was a masterclass in leadership and mindfulness. Andy distilled hard-won wisdom about dealing with fear, stress and complexity while leading a large group of people.

In this podcast, he shares remarkable ideas on:

  • The importance of placing hope and optimum into the hearts of the people he faced in Iraq.
  • The power of positive intention.
  • The importance of pitching ideas into reality.
  • How to overcome stress and overwhelm.
  • What to do when a great person burns out.
  • How to stay centered when things aren’t going to plan.
  • The power of publishing core ideas onto a page.
  • Many other gems on leadership.

On a personal note, being in Andy’s company during this interview was uplifting. Andy has an energy that made me feel like I had more capacity to give. Something about his story, his experiences and his intention created the space for me to be more brave in my outlook. I’m sure you’ll get the same sensation as you listen to this podcast.

It is my greatest honor, to share this podcast with you as you begin 2018.

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