Like any parent, my guest in this episode of the Dent podcast knows the difficulty of balancing a great career with family responsibilities. But by leveraging her entrepreneurial skills and core values, she managed to balance being an attentive parent with building a successful business.

Meet Deb Jeffreys. Deb is the cofounder of the Brilliant Group, which is all about innovative digital marketing. As an expert storyteller, Deb has helped scores of businesses articulate their brand’s value and thereby generate between $100,000-150,000 in their first year after being serviced by Brilliant’s marketing team.

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In our conversation, Deb discusses the four stories that must be told in order to build a great business. She also talks about what her business did to evolve from charging $5,000 for a website to an $80,000 minimum retainer income. If you’re interested in strategies to not only build your brand but to learn how to communicate your value to high-paying clients, then this episode is for you.

We also get really into…

  • Why Deb left a successful veterinary practice to start her own business in Australia
  • The benefits of a flexible hours model for employees
  • The key ingredient that pushed Deb to charge her clients more
  • Product development and innovation processes that lead to 150% growth per year
  • The four stories that must be told in order to build a great business
  • The elements that make a great story
  • Niching, or creating a product methodology
  • How to attract and retain talent in your business, even non-locally
  • Team, culture and creating a great workplace environment


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