like all of us, you got off to a wonderful beginning full of hope, optimism, ambition and energy.

You were out every night meeting people, telling your stories and those first few months were just magic.

Over time, you hit rough patches. You’ve had some tough quarters; you’ve even had some moments where you thought it might end.

We know there have been times you’ve gone looking at what others have built with envy in your eyes. You’ve also had high moments that make it all worthwhile.

Moments of pure passion, creativity, joy and even love have sprung to your mind!

Never forget the reasons why you first started this journey and why you can achieve anything in business.

Your business is not always perfect and we know it doesn’t compare to those dynamic technology start-ups in glossy magazines but if you keep working on things, you’ll grow and scale up into something wonderful with more grace and longevity.

Happy Valentines Day, Entrepreneur ♥

Fall back in love…with your business.

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