Hate to break it to you, but luck is going to play a part in your life whether you like it or not. Hard work is not going to be your unique selling proposition; anyone in this world can work hard.

Yes, the bad news is that all successful people have been wildly lucky! The good news is that you are already born lucky. If you are reading this, you’ve had an education, you have access to the internet, and you have time to read.

The first key to luck is that you learn to recognise luck. If you can’t even see how lucky you already are, you’ll be blind to any good fortune that shows up in your life.

You live in such a lucky time in history!

Never before could people get their questions answered in seconds. Never in history could people communicate their ideas and spread the word to such a large audience within minutes. Never has there been more finance, more resources, and more meaningful conversations.

Once you recognise how lucky you already are, the next step is to learn how to influence luck.

You can coax it into your life and encourage it to show up. You influence your luck when you show up in places that are luckier, when you spend time with people who are luckier, when you learn ideas that produce luck, when you get crystal clear on your vision and when you begin having lucky conversations.

Given the choice between doing another repetitive day at the office or going to an event that’s full of like-minded entrepreneurs and inspired industry leaders sharing their methodologies, I would choose the event. It’s luckier.

I don’t know who I’d meet, what I’d learn or what could come of it but I do know that there’s a good chance that something great will happen rather than sitting in the same office each day of the week working IN my business. Spending a day working ON my business can prove to be far luckier.

Given the choice of talking to someone who’s convinced there are no opportunities out there, or talking to someone who’s enthusing about an exciting future, I’d talk to the person with an inspired outlook. It’s luckier.

I don’t know what exactly I’d learn from them; I just know that I will probably discover something worth knowing about. People want to be able to create success the same way a chef makes a pie. They want a recipe and a formula. They want to know what exactly to do in a step-by-step method. Unfortunately, a huge part of the recipe is that you have to be lucky.

I hope I’ve convinced you that being lucky is actually something you are in control of. I hope I’ve also shown you that luck is already trying to beat down your door; you just need to open your eyes and see it.