We truly appreciate just how much better and faster we can make a bigger dent thanks to the many inspiring women we’ve worked with, including our outstanding mentors and our remarkable Dent community members.

So today, we just wanted to greet our women entrepreneurs: Happy International Women’s Day!

To hear from some of the women entrepreneurs we’ve worked with, check out our videos below:


Watch Marianne Page shares how she tapped into her mountain of value from working with McDonald’s, one of the world’s biggest and most iconic companies, to write her books and now help small businesses implement her McFreedom system. Today, she is also our System Assets mentor on our 24Assets Accelerator.



Watch Leanne Spencer of Bodyshot Performance, bestselling author of “Rise and Shine”, and creator of the RISE Method, shares how perfecting her pitch has helped her articulate the value her business has to offer.



“Be concise, clear and make it simple. State the problem very eloquently, and explain and have people feel whatever pain that you’re going to remove for them. And finally, be very clear on what you can do offer and why, and back it up with statistics and data.”

Watch our PitchFest judges share their top tips that you can try as you work on and perfect your pitch and become a Key Person of Influence.



Watch the young Co-Founder of NALU, an activewear company that donates school uniforms to children across India. She demonstrates that entrepreneurs can become successful at any age and can solve meaningful problems as they grow.