It’s very tempting to want to build before you sell.

Perfect your collateral, before going in to pitch.

Yet they’re traps – traps keeping you inside your comfort zone from having to deal with the fear of rejection and the embarrassment associated with an imperfect pitch.

At KPI we’re constantly building & executing new promotional campaigns.

How do we approach it?

For example, I might find from a conversation we need to create a brochure, an email template or a video.

I don’t sit there for days or weeks on end trying to forecast in advance all the different bits of promotional material I’ll need to execute an effective campaign.

I talk to the market, find out what I need, then go create that.

That creates traction and momentum. Momentum is your greatest friend in any promotional campaign.

Here’s the trick: Light a fire with a conversation, then keep throwing more fuel on the fire as you go. Don’t try and build the perfect stack of wood before you ignite a flame.