After some dashes of sunshine throughout the English summer, as well as long light nights, the shorter daylight and colder weather for the seasons ahead can feel gloomy. However, Autumn is also a spectacular season full of colour and crispness. Here are some tips on boosting your mood and feeling well;

1) Follow the light – plan your diary so you can be outside as much as possible during daylight hours. Walk from meeting to meeting, take a brisk walk at lunch, and socialize during the day for brunches and cuppas but tuck yourself in early in the evening. You have more energy when you are in sync with nature, rather than working against it.

2) With light being less abundant at this time of the year, stimulate your other senses. The sense of smell has a direct connection with the brain, which means you can quickly and positively enhance your mood and energy with aromatherapy oils in a burner or diffuser, or by burning scented soya or beeswax candles. Spend time doing self massage with soothing oils and wear tactile fabrics such as cashmere or bamboo.

3) Immerse yourself in activities that you can only enjoy in the Autumn such as bracing walks, hot baths, eating nourishing carrot, squash and sweet potato soups and making the most of box sets or movies. It’s a time of year to go inward – so you can fully justify having a restful season indoors!

4) Resorative yoga and meditation each day can be great ways of supporting your energy. Another bonus is reduced stress, which takes pressure off the immune system and leaves you less vulnerable to colds and coughs.

5) Gratitude has been proven to improve brain activity and improve moods. Instead of of faking it to feel positive, you list things that you are grateful for each day. Even on a bad day, be grateful for the roof over your head, clean sheets or the central heating. It takes training but you can switch from being a whinger to being grateful!!