Is it red? Is it blue? Is it green? It can’t be yellow right?

You’ve seen this logo 10,000 times. You’ve probably already seen it a few times today.

So why is it so hard to recall the colours of each letter?

The truth is, your brain isn’t designed to remember logos and colour palettes that symbolise corporate brands. Your brain is designed to remember faces, voices, and expressions. You’re hard-wired to connect with people, not with companies.

You’re not alone in this – everyone is wired this way. You, your customers, your potential customers and the talented people who you want on your team. They want to connect with a person not a brand.

This is why you must be the face for your business; beyond that you should be a well-known face in your industry. You must become a Key Person of Influence and attract people to your business based on what you say, do and feel.

When a business remains faceless, it’s passing up a huge asset and a lot of opportunity. Faceless companies struggle in comparison to businesses that have personalities at the front.

Let’s take Porsche as an example. We can safely say they’re a faceless brand. Very few people know who the CEO is or any of the engineers who design their cars. In contrast, Tesla has a very public CEO: Elon Musk, who is the face of the brand.

Porsche is valued at $14 Billion, and Tesla is valued at $27.3 Billion (which is nearly DOUBLE). Tesla Motors is only 12 years old and Porsche is almost 85. I strongly believe that if the team at Porsche stood side by side with their brand, the company would be on the heels of Tesla in terms of value.

It’s hard for big companies to learn this new approach, and that’s what sets you apart as a small business. You’ll never beat a large company as a brand, but you can absolutely beat them as a personal brand. Becoming a Key Person of Influence in your industry is the one strategy you can use to accelerate your personal brand more than almost anything else.

So, let me share with you one of the ways you can do this. We have over 500 professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders joining us for the London Brand Accelerator this March.

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There will be 6 world-class speakers who will each deliver tremendous value to arm you with simple and proven methods for becoming more visible, valuable and connected in your industry.

There will be people who have built and sold companies for millions or even billions – people who have led their fields for decades and people who are fast becoming the rising stars of their industry as we speak. Find out more below:

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