My most passionate blogs happen as a result of an event or observation that sparks a big, fat reaction in my gut.

Why is it so easy to promote and advocate for others and so difficult to do it for ourselves? I’m sitting here listening to a peer talking on the phone about someone else’s product and insisting to the person on the other end that this other person’s product is something they need to review. He just fearlessly, boldly picked up the phone and called this powerful influencer to advocate for someone else. And yet, I’ve not heard this peer talk this fervently about his own service and value.

I wrote a blog this week about updating your Linked In profile and talking yourself up. I met with reactions like:

“I’m so bad at talking about myself.” Or “It’s not easy for me to market myself, I’m too humble.”

As if being humble is something to be proud of.

I understand, I used to live in the world of quiet humility, too. I just “knew” that other people appreciated my value. Yeah, but they don’t. Not like you think they do. You have to be proud of who you are and the value that you bring to the planet.

Want to know the meaning of life? It’s being you. It’s appreciating your experiences, your stories, your tried-and-true efforts to get you where you are today. And then, it’s taking that mountain of value that you’ve procured during your journey and sharing it with others who can benefit from your hard knocks and wise learnings.

Being humble isn’t being quiet. Being humble is owning your value and extending it to others. It’s seeing a need that you can fulfill and fulling it.¬†Be massively proud of your accomplishments¬†because it means that you have traveled a long road that someone else hasn’t so that you can share your knowledge. Capisce?

Nobody knows your journey better than you. It’s your responsibility to share your worth for the benefit of the greater good. Now stop with the bullsh*t and update your LinkedIn Profile. And make it fierce.