Through the Key Person of Influence Accelerator I have had the opportunity to meet and work with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are all in a hurry to get to their destination.

In many aspects they are set. They understand where they want to get to (global domination, lifestyle business etc.). They understand their target clients and the problems they are trying to solve. And they have figured out how to create enough value that it is generating revenue and allowing them to build a team.

Yet they are stuck. They are stuck in a bubble of their own making.

Having poured blood, sweat and years into building their business it has actually become something that is anchoring their expectations of how they can create value in the world.

Whilst they understand the needs of their target market, the only solution they can think of offering is the one they have the capability to deliver within their business.

Key Person of Influence is about elevating yourself from having an impact on your business to having an impact on your industry. Interestingly, if you have the discipline and the commitment to solving the problems of your industry, and can look beyond your business, it allows you to partner with others and ultimately get to your destination much faster.

Most of us are familiar with Jamie Oliver. Had Jamie believed that he could only create value through his “job” – being a chef – then his impact on the world would have gone mostly unnoticed. But he chose to impact more people, he chose to share his recipes even though competitors would be the first to use them. He then chose to teach others how to cook. Today he has chosen to challenge the establishment that feeds our kids with the cheapest, most processed, least nutritious food available. He couldn’t do those things if his mind was limited by his job or even his business.

From within our client base there are many that stand out as great examples of this, but let me share one example. Chris Robb is a very successful event organiser specialising in sports events. His commitment to running safe and successful mass participation events (like The Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon) for more then 20 years has led him to writing the book on the topic: Mass Participation. This in turn led to an annual conference, bringing together the major players in the industry from around the world, including competitors, in order to elevate the conversation from ‘what is best for my business?’, to ‘what is best for the people I serve?’ In doing so it has created many more opportunities for Chris, not just with companies wanting to work with him, but also with governments wanting his advice and consultation. Chris can move from impacting 50,000 runners each year to impacting millions of runners, cyclists and swimmers around the world through his work.

Sometimes, even though you’re on the right road you might not be in the right vehicle for getting there faster. For some people that might mean leaving a job and starting a business. For others it might mean leaving a business and getting a job. Many top entrepreneurs today are choosing to work as employees because it gives them access to more resources so that they can achieve more faster.

Often what holds us back is our personal insecurities about leaving the safety of our current vehicle and stepping into a new one. With your head down staring at the steering wheel of operations it is impossible to see how you could get out, but if you can just take a step back and see the whole road you might discover that by joining with others you can actually get to where you’re going much faster.

Is it time to upgrade your vehicle?

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