Are you building digital assets that help your business stand out and scale up?

Today, you need to build an arsenal of digital assets if you want to become more visible, valuable, and scaleable.

Dent defines 24 Digital Assets under 7 categories as being the main drivers of a scaleable business that will work without you.

The 7 categories include: IP Assets, Brand Assets, Market Assets, Product Assets, Systems Assets, Culture Assets, and Funding Assets.

Harvee Pene, Co-Founder of Inspire CA, has helped his business build out a series of digital assets that has positioned them as an authority, raised their profile, and automated the process of attracting clients.

Their unique assets and valuable content allows them to build influence and authority without pushing a sales process on their market.

The result? More trust, more clients, and a more valuable business.

Before we dive into the assets used by Harvee Pene & Inspire CA, we first need to define what we mean by a Digital Asset.


In this article by Daniel Priestley, Daniel makes this distinction between tools and assets:

The world is full of great tools now. YouTube offers business video production tools, Facebook has tools for advertising and audience building, GoToWebinar lets you host free LIVE webinars. These companies have all invested millions upon millions of dollars in creating tools to help you run your business.

The problem is, tools don’t grow your business, assets do — and these tools don’t work without you plugging your assets into them.

A YouTube account doesn’t do much unless you upload a video. Facebook Ads need you to provide the images, copy and a valuable offer. Webinars need you to have slides and a script.

Assets are unique to your business. Tools are available for everyone to use.

Struggling businesses obsess over tools. They put hours of research into understanding the features of a CRM system, they get excited about autoresponder software, they read blogs about shopping carts and which colour button had the highest click-through rate and shell out thousands of pounds a month investing into these tools thinking they’re going to get a massive return.

The truth is, although you will see some return (whether that’s revenue or saving time), creating and using an asset is where you’ll truly outrun your competition.

Successful businesses obsess over their assets — and I’m not just referring to their four-storey office building. They focus on capturing powerful stories on video, they write insightful blogs, they win awards for their work and get insanely specific about how they communicate their company brand and culture.

Let’s take a look at this principle in practice, and see how Inspire CA uses digital assets to build influence and power its business.


Inspire CA are very clear about their mission and purpose. Thus, they have strong, well-defined Brand Assets in their Identity and Philosophy.

Inspire CA’s identity and philosophy can be summed up in two sentences from their ‘Why We Do What We Do’ page.

1. We are numbers people and we believe that family is number one.

2. We wake up every morning to help business owners get cashed up, so that they can pull more money, time, and happiness from their business.

In these 2 short sentences, you can see what makes Inspire CA unique, and their clear, concise philosophy guides their team on every decision they make.

It’s important to clearly define your Identity and Philosophy so that your customers know what you stand for and why you exist, and your team know why they do what they do every day.

Not sure where to start on defining your identity and purpose? Check out this article by Glen Carlson on How To Find Your Why.


Inspire CA offer a Free Book Download on their website. Anyone can download ‘Get Cashed Up: Make the 7 smart financial decisions of a Cashed Up business owner’ and learn about money-saving financial strategies from the experts at Inspire CA.

This book is a Content Asset, and a Methodology Asset, and it’s also part of the Gifts level of their Product Asset Ecosystem.

This unique, high-value asset is a great way for potential clients to get to know the brand, and see that Inspire CA are an authority in their space and understand how they deliver the brand promise to their customers.

By offering this valuable asset upfront, it’s 10x more likely for a relationship to form between the prospect and the business than if they just tried to shove accounting services down their throat. This asset helps catalyse trust and likeability before a sales conversation has taken place — before anyone on Inspire’s team said a word.

What high-value gift can you create in your business that will provide value to prospects who come into contact with your brand or website — irrespective of whether they engage your services?

If you want to learn more about Gifts and the Product Asset Ecosystem, check out this article about Apple’s Powerful Product Ecosystem.


The Save Tax Workshop is a LIVE event that Inspire CA runs every month. It’s also free, and it’s a great way to get website visitors into a room so the business can provide value, build trust, and further the sales conversation.

This falls under several Asset categories, one of which is Market Assets — Channels. Using the Save Tax Workshop to funnel visitors into a LIVE event is a great way to meet prospects who might otherwise be hesitant to attend a meeting where they anticipate a sales pitch.

By providing value up front and helping prospects identify how and where they can save money with tax saving strategies, Inspire CA build meaningful relationships with those who attend and allow sales conversations to happen authentically.

This asset also allows them to form partnerships, one of which is with the CBA who host their events — a channel partnership that never would have been formed without the asset.


The Cashed Up Scorecard is another Free Content Asset that anyone who visits the Inspire CA website can use.

The Scorecard is a 45-question quiz that takes around 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the quiz, prospects are given a score for their current tax-saving strategy, as well as advice on how to improve their score and save more money.

This is another example of a unique content asset that allows Inspire CA to build trust and authority with prospects who are visiting their site for more information, but may not be ready to make a purchase.

It also allows them to collect LOTS of data on their customer base — valuable when creating funding assets.

Rather than being pushy and trying to immediately sell to every person who lands on their website, Inspire CA instead offers value up front with the Cashed Up Scorecard.

Using unique Content Assets in this way allows you to nurture leads authentically and turn more site visitors into warm leads.

People want to work with businesses that they know, like, and trust. How can you offer more value upfront before initiating a sales conversation?

Like to learn more about how Harvee Pene and Inspire CA have used digital assets to build a thriving business that has helped clients save more than $3.2M in tax?

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