Regardless of where you are now in your business/career or life, let me ask you: what do you think is the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

Any guesses? I believe that the answer, quite simply is : MORE.

More happiness. More success at work/business. More engagement in their relationships. More money. More productivity. More meaning in their life. More ambition. Do any of these resonate with you?

Here are my thoughts on the 5 habits that will propel you further and faster into your desired career/business and life goals.

 #1 Start Your Day With Optimism. What better way to start the day than with enthusiasm for the day. Saying, I know this is going to be a great day and I am so looking toward to_______________ sets the frame for each day. Having something to look forward to positively is a great motivator.

 #2 Be Aware Of What You Say. Our words shape our current reality and in turn our future. Whatever we articulate, we are telling ourselves. Feeding our minds. So feed off with happy, good old positive food. Nothing constructive or good to say…. Then don’t say anything. Choose to speak uplifting and positive words to yourself. Do you know that the ratio of negative to positive interactions, according to some studies, is 5:1.

#3 Demonstrate Appreciation – Through Praise And Kind Words. Choose to bring the joy through praise and kind words to others and for others. This will improve your mood as well.

#4 Plan Your Day – Write It Down. You know how the saying goes: if you don’t take charge of your day, someone else will. What about your aspirations, goals, desired lifestyle? Ever wondered why you are often exhausted and yet nothing seems to have moved for you? Well the “good” news is that you may have been moving the needle for others.

Plan your day by focusing on items that will bring you closer to what matters most to you – career success? Happier relationships? A healthier you? Or a combination of items. It helps you shave off a feeling of being overwhelmed because if anything you are doing does not bring you close to your intention, it does not get on the list.

Practice block time. I got to write my book, developed new products, work with specific clients in evolving their organisations and still spend time with my husband, my kids, friends and myself by practicing block time as much as I can. It requires great discipline but this also grows me as an individual besides having the output and outcomes desired.

(Sometimes, I just block time for some fun like 15 minutes just dance around to the tune of “Don’t stop believing” by Journey).

#5 Do Or Learn Something New Daily. The leaders in the world are ardent learners. There’s such great momentum about growth.

Learning something new daily also empowers us to overcome our fear of getting into something unknown, or something that totally frightens the socks off us. This is a great way to get used to dealing with change. It allows us to take change in our stride of just doing something new.

Even if you don’t start “doing” something. Start questioning every assumption. This trains our mind as to “How” to think, instead of just following the world’s view of “What” to think.

Over to you

If you are already doing these, awesome! Kick it up to the next level. Not doing these habits yet? Well, what are you waiting for, go for it.

Here’s my gift to you as you kick off the New Year, for a life most excellent: