The London Brand Accelerator event follows a proven and tested format that has run for the past 5 years. and Huffington Post both refer to this event as one of the leading personal brand conferences in the world, and the countdown is on as it’s on this Friday 11th March.

You and your team will get value from this format on many levels. This day is designed for you to better communicate value, become more visible and to connect with more industry leaders. Here’s a quick overview on what to expect from the day.

We start off by introducing you to the predictable stages a business goes through as it grows. The entrepreneur journey looks at the specific challenges and frustrations that unfold as a business hits higher overheads and a bigger team. It identifies two preferred business designs – lifestyle or performance.

“We live in remarkable times and the entrepreneurial mind-set should be at the core of your leadership team. The business journey is more predictable than most people realise and problems can be anticipated.”

Step 1: Pitching
No matter how valuable your ideas or products are, if you and your team can’t pitch them, you’ll go unnoticed. It’s common for business leaders to get too close to their business and lose perspective on the real value they offer.

On the day, Dale Murray CBE (launched mobile top up in the UK turning over in excess of £450 million) will be discussing a method for exploring and explaining the value you provide with clarity and credibility.

Step 2: Publishing
Published content is in the DNA of the internet. If you publish quality content, you can start building trust and respect with your market anywhere in the world. It’s been proven in several research papers that people like to absorb content prior to a considered purchase. You and your business need to provide enough published materials to satisfy that common desire.

Lucy McCarraher (author of 10 books with over 20 years experience in publishing, editing and writing) will be discussing why you must turn ideas into published documents and repurpose them for several platforms to maximise impact.

Step 3: Productising
With the right products, a global market is at your fingertips. If you fail to productise your offerings, you become a bottleneck in the value delivery process. Most service companies fail to understand how to productise high-value services.

Nic Rixon (founding partner of Shirlaws with clients such as HSBC and SONY) will be sharing why you need four types of products to maximise each key insight your business has, how to engage and offer value to prospects and why your product ecosystem is the key to scaling your business.

Step 4: Profile
We believe that you are who Google says you are. It’s common for people to form assumptions about you and your business based upon what shows up in the search results. If you aren’t in control of your profile, you are leaving your most valuable asset (reputation) at serious risk.

Georg Ell (UK CEO of Tesla Motors) will be sharing how they became the worlds most influential car company in less than 12 years by breaking all the conventional rules when it comes to building an automotive brand both online and offline.

Step 5: Partnerships
It’s fair to assume that you and your business can only be good at a small number of core competencies. Therefore your success comes down to your ability to secure strategic partners who can compliment you.
Julia Langkraehr (built and sold three companies and merged with her largest competitor to exceed turnover of £30 million) will be sharing why three-party partnerships outperform any other types of partnerships and why partnering with high performers is the perfect way of growing.

Finally, we will recap the day and offer some deeper conclusions and insights into the overall strategy and you can then stay around for an hour or so to meet and connect with over 400 like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders in a relaxed social setting.


Look forward to seeing you there.