Time. We all start out with the same amount, yet some of us seem to do so much more with it than others. As Kate Christie explains, it all comes down to how you invest it.

On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.

Our guest on this episode is time investment expert and the original ‘time styler’, Kate Christie. As a world-renowned author, speaker, consultant, coach and founder of the company Time Stylers, Kate has helped many hundreds of busy business people and their teams make more effective use of their time.

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Kate’s recent book, SMART Time Investment for Business: 128 Ways the Best in Business Use Their Time, was an almost instant Amazon bestseller. And in this episode, you’re going to find out why. Think of it as a mini-masterclass in time styling. I think you’ll agree it’s definitely worth the time investment.

Here’s just some of the gold Kate shares with us:

  • The mindset, skills and strategies to find and harness lost time
  • How to beat reactive overwhelm
  • The three key issues everyone faces, and how to deal with them
  • How to select what you invest your time in
  • The 5 SMART steps of time management
  • Some of the top strategies from her book
  • How to outsource the smart way
  • The evolution of Kate’s business model
  • Why multitasking does not work
  • Tools, tech and apps for optimising time
  • Examples of how the best in business use their time



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BookSMART Time Investment for Business: 128 Ways the Best in Business Use Their Time