Speaking for Tedx, writing a book and changing lives – is there anything that Key Person of Influence Member, Sandy McDonald, can’t do? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no!)

Founder and member of ‘Knit a Square’, a site that encourages donations of knitted and crocheted squares that are made into blankets for African orphans, Sandy McDonald still can’t quite believe the ever-increasing profile of her business or her blog www.whyyoumustblog.com. But it’s no stitch up!

We asked Sandy to unravel the ways in which her business has been busting limitations since becoming a KPI Member, sew she told us…

If anyone had said in 2012 when I started KPI, do a TEDx talk, I’d have nodded politely and thought they were on drugs.

So what changed? The KPI culture and the mass intellect of the community propelled me to bust through my limitations. Back then I knew I had a story, but the Lizard dominated.

Writing the book, now called Get It Right Online, extrapolated the seven-step framework I’d employed to build a global online community that helps orphaned children in Africa. The framework became a coaching product. In sharing this knowledge with entrepreneurs, I’ve come to appreciate my own value.

“My key messages are clear now and they inform how I blog, which has raised my profile. I’ve also partnered so I don’t have to build websites anymore. (Still working on that one)!”

An opportunity arose to deliver a ‘short’ talk in front of Jon Yeo (convener of TEDx Melbourne) so I wrote and delivered a full TEDx talk. Bit cheeky, but that was truly busting through my limitations. The rest is history.

TIP: Sit with your value. Give freely of it, blog about it, do talks around it. It’ll shut the Lizard up. Then share your story and you’ll enrich, change or even save lives.

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