Helen Lock, Founder of XMA, a ground-breaking skincare product that heals severe cases of eczema and hydration, from newborn babies to recovering cancer patients, secured the opportunity for her airline targeted hydrating moisturiser ‘Aviation Hydration’ to be included in 40 goodie bags at the USA Emmy’s this year, including Oprah’s!

Helen secured her spot at this start-studded event through submitting her product, Aviation Hydration, to an Australian company who do gifting for Awards Shows. After expressing interest in the Emmy’s as well as the Australian Commercial Radio Awards and the Gold Logie Award Winner gift bags, Helen was thrilled when her moisturiser was accepted for all three!

Since both a Doctor and a Naturopath started using one of Helen’s skincare products for their own children, she felt a boost of credibility in her business, and hearing it from the professionals helped her to further realise the massive difference her products were making to children and families. Naturally she wanted to share her creams with an even wider audience, and opted for gifting to celebrities and other significant people of influence in the hope for some great PR exposure for her brand.

As a result, not only has her cream been featured in the gift bags of 40 Emmy nominees, but excess stock from the awards gifting went into a ‘family basket’ for Prince Wills and Kate Middleton when Princess Charlotte was born. It seems you just never know where your gifts are going to go!

Helen’s gifting tips:

  • If you’re in a service industry you could provide a voucher, or if you’re sitting on a product or book simply gift it to the right expo, breakfast meeting or award show – you never know who will end up with what you have to offer.
  • Celebrities are encouraged to acknowledge the gifted via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so make sure your social media details are noticeable alongside your gift.

Helen’s favourite tool in her gift bag of tricks is that she helps to change the lives of people with eczema – from healing childrens’ skin problems, to giving their mothers a better nights sleep as they’re no longer up in the night tending to itchy youngsters, Helen’s skincare range has a positive impact on entire families.

If you’d like to connect with Helen, you can do so here:

Website: https://www.xmatherapy.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xmatherapy/

Twitter: @HelenLockAU