Leanne is a British fitness entrepreneur, bestselling author and founder of the incredible Bodyshot Performance – a personal training company that empowers clients to get fit and take control of their health. Not only that, but Bodyshot Performance has a unique twist: by using DNA testing and wearable tech they create amazingly bespoke programmes around diet and exercise. It’s a company that people are raving about, and for that it’s becoming very successful in a very short space of time. Leanne’s book, Rise and Shine, is another weapon to her already impressive arsenal; the book’s an Amazon bestseller that helps people deal with burnout and get back to their best!


rise and shine


Amazingly, Leanne hasn’t always worked in the fitness industry. In fact, she earned her stripes working for 17 years in high and executive sales for huge corporates. But one day she realised that enough was enough. Suffering from extreme burnout, Leanne decided to make a total change and start doing something that she loves.

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In this episode, not only do we talk about Leanne’s inspirational journey from burnout to success, she also shares some great tips on the latest trends in fitness tech and talks me through the innovative DNA testing programme, which I found really fascinating and I’m certain you will too!

In this episode we really get into:

  • Top tips on hiring staff for the first time
  • The importance of creating meaningful, quality content that relates to your audience
  • Allowing yourself to position yourself in your niche
  • Why Leanne thinks the 7/11/4 system is super useful
  • Leanne on understanding your core client

We also talk about…

  • Leanne’s intense stress of working in finance
  • The best diet and exercise based on DNA testing
  • The Oura ring – what it can do for you and why Leanne swears by it
  • The importance of finding your niche
  • Leveraging content to improve your business
  • The importance of constantly communicating with your clientele in a non-invasive way
  • Leanne’s bespoke training programmes
  • How she changed her business set-up to reflect value for money
  • How she turned her content into advertising
  • The importance of being a brand ambassador
  • How to align yourself with your brand
  • Tips for setting yourself apart
  • Why Leanne values her team so much
  • The importance of building strong relationships with clients
  • How to gain traction in the market


Rise and Shine book

Bodyshot Performance

Oura ring