So many times we hear entrepreneurs talking about the cool projects they are working on. We hear about the amazing workshops they are running, the clients they are producing something for, or the dynamic consulting project that’s unfolding.

What most entrepreneurs don’t tell you, is that they’ve actually pitched over 100 or even 1000 prospects that turned them down. They don’t tell you that every person at their workshop took a 60-minute call before they committed. They don’t tell you that it’s normal to generate 70 leads and end up with only 2 sales.

They don’t tell you that the big client wanted a proposal document, a preliminary meeting, a group meeting and an amendment to the proposal and then the key contact left the company! They don’t tell you the whole process took another 3 months to get back on track with the new decision maker to then finalise the deal.

Before anyone ever did this kind of work as an entrepreneur they had to work on creating the leads to pitch to. Very few people show you what goes on behind the scenes.

This August, our Co-Founder Glen Carlson will be in London and we’ve asked him to do a workshop for our clients based around generating, automating and offering value to leads. Glen will be presenting proven strategies that he uses to drive new business and fast growth.

This approach does not require big advertising budgets or complex digital ecosystems, however it does require you to approach the problem like a Key Person of Influence.

Glen will also be delving into how you can improve the targeting/quality of every new lead, how to learn the fustrations of your ideal client before you meet them, how to prime your prospects so they’re ready to buy at a premium, and simple scripts/blueprints that will build lucrative alliances.