Twice a year in London, we take 120 business leaders on a journey. Some of these leaders have described their experience as the best thing that’s happened to their business. It’s been a life changing experience for others. Let me briefly share with you what this journey entails.

The first stop on the journey is all about getting your message out to your market. Here, you’ll learn how to clearly articulate your message to influence other leaders onto your projects. When you arrive at the second stop, you’ll be taught the importance of unpacking your content. You’ll also be set a challenge to write compelling blogs, articles and reports that others are able to read, share and relate to.

Unpacking your content is good but what can you do with it? That’s why the next part of the journey consists of turning your valuable insights into hot products that can scale and create an ecosystem, which can easily be accessed by your market.

Getting these hot products known in your market is key to driving success. To do this, we then teach you the ability to take ideas “above the noise” and gain visibility for yourself and your business.

Successful people are well-connected people. They focus on their strengths and find strategic partnerships with others who compliment them.

The journey ends with being taught the ability to form strategic alliances with other valuable business leaders who can make things happen faster, help you grow your brand and open up distribution channels for your product.

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We’ve just announced that our next intake will be this November and the programme will run for nine months, covering the five key areas to maximise growth for your business.

To find the right people for the programme, we interview more than 300+ people a year. We tend to look for those who:

•Have an interesting story and relevant experiences.

•Are already running a viable business or have a startup funded by investors.

•Are willing to stretch, get resourceful and be held accountable to achieving key outcomes.

These complimentary sessions are held in London with 4-8 business owners around three times a week, and are designed to quickly gauge chemistry between your business and us.

During the session we will delve into your business, along with identifying where you are on the entrepreneur journey, explore your current inhibitors for growth, help you develop a 36-month plan to get what you want, and unpack key frameworks that underpin the implementation of our five step method.

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Not ready to come along to a session? 

Take our complimentary scorecard online. It’s a series of questions which will benchmark your ability to influence in a business or leadership context. You will be given a report which will identify your opportunities for leveraged growth. And as a gift, you’ll also receive a copy of my book – Key Person of Influence (Revised Edition). Take the scorecard here »