I don’t believe in life purposes. But what I do believe is that your natural talents, abilities and desires put you in business and in life where you feel a congruence and from that happiness arises like champagnes bubbles. That’s the indicator you are ‘in the flow’ right? Happiness is the goal or maybe just the natural by product of being bang on.

Everyone says that success must be worked at and strived for and if it isn’t tough then it isn’t worth it. Mmmmmm there again, I disagree. I believe there is an underlying natural rhythm of life running through you and you know it when you are out of whack. Sure, some days aren’t easy and no matter what you do things seem to not go right, but I mean the underlying instinctual sense of whether things are right or not right for you.

We have been medicated by noise, distraction and a million opportunities to think about new things for so many years now, that we have forgotten when it all started. We have so little head space for listening to ourselves and stress, that umbrella label for the effects of modern living, lives next to us daily like a bad friend.

Underneath ALL of it is the natural ‘you’ and as long as there is blood coursing through your veins you will always have an inner compass and a ‘voice’ deep within that guides you and gives you your unique natural rhythm to and with everything.

Why not be brave and open the aperture to your natural rhythm? It is underneath all the personas and facades and is with you 100% of the day.

When you stop long enough and courageously enough to listen, firstly as a notion, then fully, what opens is the easiest path to living in your essence and joy.

I am saying all this because SO many people think they need to live life another way and it is totally out of whack with their inner compass and natural rhythm.

I know because so many people are hotly pursuing things and ‘missions’ and yet behind it all their daily lives are a mess. Little money, broken relationships and bad health.

Don’t listen to the nay sayers that would have you pushing harder to achieve. That is their natural rhythm and their success comes from that. You may have followed their strategies for more money and abundance but are left feeling deflated.

Your natural rhythm is the way YOU were meant to live and the opposite is just a whole bunch of stubbornness of the truth.

Joy is the glistening indicator that you are on track. Joy isn’t a ‘becoming,’ it is an ‘allowing’ of what is there all of the time. Only your idea of you stands in the way. And the real you doesn’t have many faces and personas.

So be honest with yourself. What is your natural rhythm with everything in life? What feels joyful? Follow that. It’s waiting for you to just give in to it!