How To Make A First Day Memorable (For All The Right Reasons) - tech
How To Make A First Day Memorable (For All The Right Reasons) - tech

How To Make A First Day Memorable (For All The Right Reasons)

first day memorable

It’s that time of year again – new beginnings. For some their first day at a new school or college, for others their first day in a new role or a new job; maybe their first ever job?

Can you remember back to one of your first days? We’ve all had at least one. 

So what was it like?

Were you over-awed, bored or just completely bewildered? 

Did you take in every word that was said, or did you go home on a caffeine-high with a numb bum? 

I’d love to think you had a great day and came away buzzing with drive and energy dying to tell your other half, mum or dad what a great day you had and how excited you were about the future. 

That’s what you want for the individuals joining YOUR team, but is that what happens?

A new recruit’s First Day is your opportunity to make a great first impression. It’s your chance to get a new team member excited about their future with you, to understand what’s expected of them, and get a feel for what’s possible.

First impressions count, and that applies to your team members too. Usually the focus is on giving lots of information, when what’s really important is to give heaps of inspiration.

Yes, there are some very basic things you have to get across to them – where the toilets are, the fire procedure, where everyone goes for lunch maybe, but keep these as brief and to the point as possible. The things that are going to inspire them are: 

  • The story of how you got started and the challenges you had to face (the abridged version!) 
  • Your vision for the future 
  • The culture of your business – what’s important to you and your team 
  • The part they’ll play and your hopes for them.

Think about splitting your day into 3 short sections:

1. The things they must know – health & safety rules, holiday times, their probation period etc
2. The inspirational – as above, and:
3. The practical ‘get them started’ stuff, so they can hit the ground running on Day 2

If you look at your content and think it’s way too much to take in, then cut it. You want to avoid overload and get most value from their time, and your own, and besides, you don’t have to tell them everything about your business on Day 1.

Your aim should be for that first day to reflect what you and your business are all about. I’m not talking a song and dance routine, but you want it to be full of high energy, passion and creativity, and as interactive as you can make it.

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