Martin – AKA “The scalability coach” – is a British visionary and a complete guru when it comes to helping businesses earn huge bucks, whether they’re start-ups or corporate giants. He went from being a small time entrepreneur, to SME business owner, to senior executive in just ten years. He became the CEO of an organisation that was losing a quarter of a £million a year and built it up to a £160 million a year money-maker. And if you’re not impressed yet, he’s also the author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling book, I Don’t Work Fridays.

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By utilising his very own, unique SCALE model, Martin helps business owners who are stuck to effectively sack themselves through transforming their businesses and making them more fun and valuable. As Martin says, it’s all about empowering the business owner to make their own choices about what they’re doing and where they want to be going.

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His book is absolutely killing it in terms of sales and reviews, and his genius methods of leveraging that type of content has seen his profits increase exponentially. In this episode he shares with me his journey – the ups as well as the downs – and some unbelievably useful advice for entrepreneurs and business owners on how to not just increase the value of your business, but also on how to make your own working life more fun and enjoyable.

Here’s what we get really deep into:

  • The SCALE model and how you can leverage it for your own business
  • How Martin found a way to stop working Fridays and how you can do it too
  • The three massive roles in every business
  • How to create the perfect environment in your business that gets people performing
  • Using marginal gains to significantly improve your profits

And also…

  • Leveraging contents to improve visibility and ultimately profit
  • Martin’s role as a Key Person of Influence
  • Tech and resources that help Martin and his businesses
  • Martin’s past as world-beating ballroom dancer!
  • How dancing inspires him in the business world
  • The rating of success, according to Martin
  • Mastering the basics of business first
  • The importance of defining your business in order to make it to the top
  • The path that all businesses follow and how to avoid the typical pitfalls
  • How to achieve a growth in business that matters
  • How to grow your business per cent by per cent
  • The secret of Martin’s quality, elegant content





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