Many company owners, senior executives, CEO’s, managers, employees and entrepreneurs underestimate the cost that mental distractions have on their businesses. Busy mind and the inner game has tremendous impact on the company profits, the individuals well-being and on the overall success of the business.

Can you imagine the number of hours that are being wasted daily on all sort of mental distractions that people experience daily? Now, imagine what would change if we had the ability to measure employees’ daily mental distraction?

Companies would be able to monitor how much of employee brain time is spent being distracted and how much of their mental time is truly spent on doing company work. They would dramatically reduce the company’s true cost and they would experience exponential increase in the employee productivity, efficiency and with that company profits.

Mental distraction costs the UK and the world’s economy trillions of pounds. Although I coach many senior executives, I don’t see many companies investing in coaching employees who experience a head full of noise, work under tremendous pressure and yet are expected to perform like a fine tuned Ferrari car ready for a World Formula One Race.

A Formula One driver, no matter how good he may be, would never win the race without having the best engineers to fine tune the car’s engine. So, why do employers expect their employees to succeed if they do not provide the best training and coaching programs to their employees?

The truth is, the recent financial crisis forced many companies to exterminate the budget for investment in people and in their personal development. This puts most companies in the survival mode, they settle for short term gain and long term pain.

Employing professional coaches to enter businesses and help with employee inner games would certainly help create a long term gain.

In my recent book “A Path to Wisdom-How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life” I dive further into¬†how to be able to listen to those ALARM bells that can unveil for us the mental and the emotional distraction that prevent us from living an inspired life.