On today’s Dent Podcast we had a talk with Michael Clark that’s a must-listen for any entrepreneur. Michael is the Queensland State Leader for Dent Global. But before that, Michael has had a long and interesting journey that saw him as Managing Director of the #1 LinkedIn training company in the world, which he then sold for seven figures.

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Michael is a passionate speaker and is zeroed in on what businesses need to do to stand out to potential buyers. He’s also been at the forefront of the LinkedIn training business, which grew from a modest venture into a global industry. Today’s episode sees Michael recount his story and how he singled out one promising business and turned it into a lucrative venture.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The complexities of managing large-scale training projects with thousands of staff
  • How to organise dozens of trainers using 12 different languages
  • How to identify an underperforming business
  • How his company secured deals with American Express, Barclays and others
  • The way to use another author’s book to your advantage
  • How to use a free book to make connections
  • Why Michael’s business was chosen as the world’s first certified LinkedIn training company
  • How to find investors and mentors for your business

Built Europe’s largest Linkedin Training business, large scale training projects through corporate orgs thousands of staff, complexities. Secured two-year partnerships with Linkedin. 25 trainers 12 different languages. First certified Linkedin training company. Raised capital built board etc.

Title: scaling teams, tackling cultural diversity