This weekend marked the 1st October, maybe as you read this that was yesterday, or even the day before, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you have 3 months stretching out before you ’til the end of the year; 90 days that could make all the difference between having a good year and a GREAT one.

So what are you going to do with them? 

As you know, I’m a big fan of planning, it’s one of the 4 Foundations of The McFreedom System™ for a start, but even if it wasn’t, I get that even if you don’t create an action plan for each goal and work your plan, there is a huge amount of power in thinking about what you want/ where you want to get to, and getting the outcome you want down on paper.

I read a great blog the other day on a site called Asian Efficiency (all about time management and productivity) where they were talking about the 90 day timeframe as ‘the range where ambition and planning actually fall reasonably close together’.

And it’s true, we all have a really good feel for what we can get done in 90 days – how far we can move towards a big goal, and plan the steps that we need to take to get there.  Our longer term plans, even though it’s valuable to have them, can’t be planned right down to concrete steps; the goals are too big, there’s too much to get done, and if we try to plan the detail we just get overwhelmed, which in turn leads to inaction.

Working with 90 day goals keeps us moving forward, keeps us agile and on our toes; able to tackle challenges and grab opportunities as they come along; adjusting our plans for the next 90 days to accommodate them.

So have a look at your coming 90 days – what do you have to get done? 

What are you going to get done? 

How are you going to turn this good year into a GREAT one?