Nicole Eckels is the Creative Director of the Sapphire Group — a leading business in the Australian Fragrance market with more than 100 employees and $50 million in revenue.

Since launching in 2006 with no technical experience, Nicole has built an empire on the back of bold strategies and a unique approach. These enabled her to quickly gain a foothold in her industry.

Nicole now controls over 25% of the $200 Million Australian fragrant candle market. Here are just a few strategies that helped her break into a highly competitive market:

1. Give a gift.

In the early days, Nicole would gift potential distributors with her products, helping to establish a wide distribution network that includes David Jones and Peter Alexander.

This simple act of giving helped Nicole get her foot in the door and build powerful relationships in her industry.

2. Know the customer.

Nicole also stresses the importance of knowing your customer better than they know themselves.

Understanding her customer’s needs intimately and keeping her offer strictly in line with those needs was a key to Nicole’s early success.

3. Build a powerful team.

Finally, Nicole focused on hiring the best people in their area of specialty. Her ability to acquire top talent who have a proven track record helped her business grow at 50% for the first five years running.

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